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Wedding DJ Galway 

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Galway weddings are special. With more than two decades of experience, Galway Wedding DJ Benen Tierney is known as the most energetic and entertaining wedding DJ Galway has ever seen.

 In that time, Benen has been filling dance floors at the best known wedding venues in Galway with the best floor fillers of all time. Be prepared for great compliments on your choice of DJ, as it's Benen's presentation style that brings the real experience! Ask about the latest sensation - the Bingo Benen music bingo dinner show.

Galway Wedding DJ Party


“OMG u just made my day seen what u done at a wedding in claregalway last sat I havnt stopped talking bout u thank you so much"

Bride's text reaction to hearing Benen had her date available

DJ Benen Tierney - Wedding DJ Galway

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